Is iCloud safe? A big question.

This is the most common question in everyone’s mind when they are asked to store their files in icloud.

Is icloud safe?

Let me first tell you that nothing in this world is 100% and you should not be depending totally in that sole product. Therefore, it is your duty to create a backup or create a strong and two verification sign in to icloud in order to be safe from hackers etc etc.

That being said, it all comes to a point where it shows it is all depended on the users how he handles the service or product. If you are careless and didn’t mind creating a strong password and choose apple123 as your password and you store your important file in your icloud then it is pretty easy for the hackers to hack your account. And finally, you yell at the social media and apple help line centers that apple icloud has the worse security in the world, I must have gone for other alternative. And bla bla bla.iCloud-Keychain

So, my point here is, it’s up to you on how you handle your product. If you give more time on creating the toughest and strongest password for your icloud, there is a less chance that your icloud gets hacked or there’s no chance at all. But if you choose to be the guy I discussed in above paragraph, I feel bad for you man.

Also, don’t fully trust the tech. Therefore I always recommend other people to store your important files and documents in online storage for the security but for the more security, always keep the backup. It doesn’t matter where it is unless it is secured with the strongest password you can find. Weather it is in your laptop, your desktop or also in other cloud services like google drive or dropbox.

My point here is, if you find something important for future use, duplicate it and keep a backup. That’s how it goes. But if you don’t have a time to create a backup then it’s not the cloud service to blame for. You can’t just fully trust a tech.

So, these are some of the things I have in mind for today, if you think I’ve missed some point you can just let me know in the comment box below. And also, queries and problems regarding icloud securities are most welcome.

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